Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet Cleaning Tips


A spot on the carpet!  What to do now?​

Even with the utmost of care, carpet staining is inevitable.  The sooner a stain is cleaned, the easier it will be to completely remove.  Keep in mind that not all stains can be removed: bleached areas caused by chlorine bleach or sunlight are impossible to get rid of, and liquids like urine, if allowed to dry, can leave permanent stains.

When stains occur try to clean the area to the best of your ability.  If the following tips do not remove the stain, call Resurrection and we will send out a technician to address your carpet and upholstery needs.

Step 1.  Blot any excess liquid with a paper towel or clean cloth.

Step 2.  Use the least amount of cleaning solution possible, work from the outside of the stain toward the center to prevent any spreading.  To prevent fiber damage, don’t rub the carpet with too much force.

Step 3.  Be sure to dry the area with a hairdryer or fan when you are finished.

Suggested Solutions:

For coffee, tea, soda – Apply club soda or white vinegar/water mixture.

For Pet Stains – apply white vinegar/water solution.  Once dry, apply baking soda, leave over night, vacuum in the morning.

For Food, Grease & Oil – Mix ½ cup water with one heaping tbsp. cornstarch.  Apply and gently scrub.  Once the area is dry, brush loose and vacuum.

We recommend raking your carpets prior to vacuuming to release dirt trapped in matted fibers and to increase the longevity of your carpets.